[A Piece of..]The Book of Invisible Questions by Lala Bohang



She’s the kind of girl who keeps her dreams in her pocket so she could look at then when she has spare time. She has sparkling eyes. She speaks to the stars. She dance with the sea. She whispers through raindrops. She flies between winds. She is the dream.

And time goes by.

The older she gets, the lighter her pocket becomes. She takes one dream out every year. It;s not because she gives up on them, it;s the dreams that beg her to let them go. Her dreams want to leave her pocket. Her dreams don’t trust her anymore because she lets the sit silently in her pocket, doing nothing and wondering when they would finally have the chance to go out there, to see the world and celebrate life.

She’s too busy chasing everything else but the dreams. She chases people. She chases things. She chases beauty. She chases fame. She chases distractions.

Her dreams used to be patiently waiting. They felt ignore, but every time they heard her talking about them passionately to her friends she gained their trust again. But it became a boring meaningless repetition, they only existed in her talks but she never actually pursued anything to make them real. She let them become old and weak in the darkness of her pocket. Her friends started to laugh at her every time she talked about her dreams, nobody believed her dreams, nobody believed in her dreams anymore. And it brought pains to her dreams, they started to beg her every night before she went to sleep, “Let us go, we’re dying here. We need to move to the pocket of a chaser.” But she ignored them, she acted like no one’s talking and went to sleep to chase another dram in her sleep.

She thought her dreams will come to her only by talking about them. She thought her dreams will come true only by dreaming about them. She thought her dreams will come to live only by thinking about them. She thought her dreams will come to reality only by planning about them.

One night, a dream tries to escape from her pocket. She gets angry and kills the dream right before it breathes fresh air. Isn’t it tragic to see your ream die by your own hand? The rest of her dreams shake in fear. The girl can’t hod her sand and angry tears anymore. She finally realizes she is no longer the dream. She is just a dreamer.

Her dreams ask her one final questions, “Why are you torturing yourself?”

– The Book of Invincible Questions by Lala Bohang


I think some people may not want to pursue their dreams just because they already happy just by living in their dreams.

Next post maybe review about this awesome books 🙂



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