I have prayed for as long as I can remember. Prayer takes me out of my ego-based fears and return me to my heart where I feel love and support. It invites me to give up control and surrender all worries and concerns to the higher power. Prayer reminds me that I am never alone and I can always count on receiving God’s help if I ask for it.



Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were. I wrote this after I underwent a particularly challenging time with my romantic life.

Filled with grief and anger. I got down on my knees and prayed for healing, as no other effort brought relief.

At times, my only prayers were :

“God, please help me, please grant me wisdom.

Thank you for answering my prayes.”

Those were enough. My prayers were heard and answered, many beyond my wildest dream. In time, I understand that there is always something good in what God has chosen for me and beyond beating myself up for my indiscretions.


I let go and let God.

I believe that you, too, can experience the same relief and inner guidance that I did through the amazing power of prayer and letting go.

The more you pray, the more you let God in be unattached to any concrete result. The more you let go needing an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need.

Do you really think that people can make you feel better and get things better? Only God who created you can grant you those. Turn to God first.



Let your heart rest, knowing that God receives and answers it. Have faith and let go of any worries and concerns.

and I knew at this moment that everything I ever wanted and everything I never got, it was all meant to happen. It was all part of God’s plan. Whatever God took away from me was for my own good as it didn’t serve me anymore. That was how I learned about patience, that was how my faith grew and that was how I gained knowledge.



The more you explore it, the more it becomes your living experience. Simply pay attention to this in your life and allow its magic to unfold within you.

May God withdraw me from anything that will distant me from God and may God draw me closer to everything that will bring me closer to God.


02 February

Another blank pages is ready to fill !


In February, i spent most of my time for reading Harry Potter series (AGAIN !!) haha ikr, im so into HarPot. Its always be my favorite book to read if i dont have something else to read and of course i do really like the movie 🙂


I know it’s March already, but I hope the rest of your March fill with lucky day ! For me, lucky is every simple thing that happens in my life – whether it is good or bad. Good or bad thing that happened to us, they have every purpose to make us a better human. For me lucky is to have someone to talk to in the evening when the day is though. To talk about your day and make a bad day a joke. So you both could laugh over it and feel better.

Daily Happy Life 2018 Calendar !


The wait is over  So many of you have been emailing me about a new calendar.  It is always really fun for me to tie everything that I have been working on into a little something that I can give to you all. I hope it makes you smile all the way through 2018.

Each month is printable on 5.8 x 8.2″ (A5) paper. Print it in high resolution on white, thick card stock for best results. I cut the white edges for a cleaner look but the calendar is just as lovely with the white edges left after printing too. Also, the colors might show more saturated than they really are if you are looking at the pdf file on your phone but don’t be scared – I optimized the file so that the colors will print best. Enjoy!

TO DOWNLOAD MY 2018 CALENDAR: Click here and you will receive a  link to download + print my free 2018 printable calendar as a thank you for following along our adventures. Easy peasy!

Important: This calendar was created and copyrighted by Daily Happy Life. For personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to sell this calendar in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form. You are more than welcome to share + link to this post, but please do not link directly to the file. Thank you! 

01 January

I have 31 days ahead in January and i’m gonna fill it with smile, doodle, coffee, work hard, dreams, 90’s song, friends and another beautiful things.

Good things happen every day.
If you do not think so, perhaps you are not grateful.
Because every morning you wake up, god gives us another chance to change something, to make something work, to make something right, to make something to be better and I think that’s a good thing.

I know sometimes, bad things happen, but that’s doesn’t mean you have a bad life, you just have a bad day and it’s gonna pass, you gonna through it. I believe that. All you need perhaps a hug from your love (mom, dad, friends, or even just your pillow) and surround yourself with your favorite things. Maybe that’s gonna make you feel better.



January has passed, it’s time to face another days, months, even another years.

February already coming, I’m gonna fill this February with much love, smile, positive vibes (no negative space), and of course work work work !!!

I hope you reach something that you imagine, work harder than yesterday.

Don’t forget to enjoy your day and be grateful.


My Mind Talks | Get up


No one has the right to kill your spirits.
To myself who is working hard, let’s start stepping with more manly.
Life is only once.
Let’s move to fix things again.
It’s okay if you have to walk slowly.
Appreciate yourselves, appreciate your efforts to be better.
The most important thing, you should try to get up.



Kalo ngomongin tahun baru pasti identik sama yang namanya resolusi, salah satu resolusi aku tahun ini ga muluk-muluk yaitu mulai rutin olahraga. Sebenernya, ini tuh gampang-gampang susah buat dilakuin karena yang namanya males tuh pasti ada aja, bawaannya masih ngantuk lah, dingin, masih pengen selimutan, dll. Padahal guys, olahraga yang aku lakuin itu cuma makan waktu kurang lebih 15 menit, gila kan cuma 15 menit tapi susah banget buat dijalanin, padahal scrooling socmed 2 jam aja ga kerasa -_- Makanya ini bener-bener jadi tantangan juga buat aku. Sebenernya, aku udah coba dari taun kemaren, tapi banyak banget bolongnya alias ga rutin. Di awal taun kemaren aku coba lagi daaaan badan langsung pegel-pegel semua. Fix ditahun ini harus berubah! Gue ga boleh menua dengan fisik kendor kayak pensil inul! Ga boleh lagi ada kata males buat bangun pagi! (Biasa habis subuh gue tidur lagi guys :(( ) Mulai taun ini aku coba lagi, mulai rutin 3 kali seminggu, kalo selama 2 bulan pertama berhasil bakal di tambah lagi porsi harinya.

Sooo, buat temen-temen yang mau mulai rutin olahraga, aku saranin jangan menggebu-gebu langsung pengen punya perut kayak Agnes Mo, Kalo kata vokalis kotak mah “..pelan-pelaaaaan sajaaa..” step by step dulu aja gurls, good things take time.

See you on my next post !